Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to the LifeInATent Blog

This will be short and to the point, campers! I will be posting updates on here,
consider this a website to get information and new videos and thoughts from me. I'll also be able to read comments and just have fun with everyone in here.

Thanks so much for pressing the follow button and visiting. We'll rock this out, campers!



  1. so did you find the video of eric and his disturbence...i missed it :(

  2. Not sure yet, I will look into that though. Still waiting for that freak out video, the one where he threw things around got me most.

  3. hey LIAT
    I only just created a new blogging site of my own too :)
    been watchin a few of ur vids lately and subscribed
    you are one funny fucker scuse the french :P
    your twin bro is pretty cool too anywaz just wanted to let
    you know you had my support in the war and can't wait
    to see more funny shit on ur site. ur an awesome dude :)

  4. Natdee203, thanks so much for coming aboard, it means alot and I personally can't wait to dish out more funny content. I have a brand new vlog video coming out, just to show the campers some adventures. Its great to have you here as well, welcome aboard, camper! =)

  5. Hey so what exactly happened with eric's freakout? Did he get pissed off at something you said or did he randomly throw a fit?

  6. Heyy LifeInATent :D Loved your new video, the Palm Springs one, it was funny! Glad to see you making videos like this, they are funny! :D Hope to see you make more like this, I subbed quite a while back :)

  7. thanks Alex, glad you liked it, you totally rock! Foilman, Eric was being called a troll over and over again and BOOM he freaked out in front of us all... was REALLY disturbing!

  8. Look here,

  9. Yeah, I'm still looking for the video where Eric flips shit and throws stuff too. I've heard it's out there, just can't find it. Great job winning the 'war,' LIAT!

  10. btw LIAT why to stick it up his ass. ur my hero lmfao

    youtube: therebombs


  12. cmon LIAT you know that Eric is just a pussy fag boy... you already won in that "war" leave him alone he really doesn't worth it he already got rapped every day after his vid in school XDD
    (he got luck that i don't know him in real, he was dead by now O:)
    keep doing your funny vids like always :D
    btw, you got any vid from that live chat and his freak out?
    love ya from random camper :D